The following are the terms and conditions related to
payment and delivery of vehicles.

Please note that we can also work as your buying
agent in Japan, select vehicles in auction place,
and we can bid by computer on your behalf.
Once vehicles are confirmed, you will have to make payment to us.
We will charge for handling of vehicles.

All prices displayed on our web site are the car
cost for 100% advance payment.

A FOB Yokohama price is the car cost plus
US$500 for documentation charge and fees at
Yokohama port below.

Inland Transport US$80
Export Custom Charge US$60
Loading Charge US$160
Documentation Charge US$200

Extra fee for a container vessel lading is US$250
in case of 20 feet container, US$50 extra fee is
charged in the case of a large sized vehicle.

Terms of Condition and Shipping:

100% payment by Telegraphic Transfer (T.T.) in advance.
Bill of Lading and the original documents will be sent to you
via EMS or UPS as soon as Bill of Lading is issued by the shipping agent.
You will be charged all banking charges inside Japan.

For correct documentation, all information on consignee
needs to be submitted to Taka Nissa Pte Ltd. by fax or E-mail.

Once payment is confirmed, purchased vehicle (s) will be
arranged for shipment on the next available vessel.

If requested, copies of shipping documents are available by fax.
A copy of the Bill of Lading is faxed to you as soon as we receive
it from the shipping agent.
Please check your copy of Bill of Lading and confirm shipping.

Bank information:


* Name of Bank : Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
* Branch : Narashino Branch
* Account No : 4124547
* Account type : Saving
* Bank Address : 1-21-15 Okubo Narashino City Chiba Ken Japan
* Name of Account : TAKA NISSA (PTE) LTD.

We look forward to supplying you in the near future.

Taka Nissa Pte Ltd.

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